Amazon – Cloud My Music

amazon_cloud_playerThe future is cloud for your music catalog! Creating a service that gives consumers the option to store their music in a web locker or server somewhere on the Internet aka cloud along side a music store has been discussed by many. Amazon’s new service this week is the latest entrant into the digital music landscape. The new Amazon Cloud Player gives you the ability to listen to your music on demand from a web browser and/or Android application. This new service works in combination with Amazon’s Cloud Drive build on top of Amazon S3 storage.

By logging in with your existing Amazon account. Getting access to Cloud Player only requires accepting a new terms of use. Cloud Player provides a music upload application to copy a couple tracks, albums or your whole MP3 collection to Cloud Drive servers. I found the music upload application easy to use and it quickly detected music in my iTunes catalog. If you have a large music catalog beware the upload process can take some time. One feature I like about the upload application is it will replicate your playlists into Cloud Player. Cloud Player provides standard list filtering by Songs, Albums, Artists and Genre.

Viewing how your music files are organized is done with Cloud Drive. By default Cloud Drive comes with 5 GB of free storage so you can store over 500 of your favorite tracks right away. However if that is not enough space there are optional Cloud Drive upgrade packages that cost $1.00 GB/year in a number of increments (20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000). The 50 GB level costs less than $4.25 / month and is comparable in price to a music streaming subscription service however you would have had to already purchase over 50,000 tracks to fill it.

My experience playing music with Cloud Player and Internet Explorer simply worked with no issues. For a first release Amazon got the 1.0 features right. They have a long way to go to catchup with MP3Tunes my personal favorite that I’ve used for years.