MediaNet Song of the Day!

MediaNet launched it’s new redesigned corporate website today and with the new launch it not only includes a new domain name but also a new product MNOpen. While the rest of the mndigitalites begin to get the word out across the digital music industry and starts a proper PR campaign, I thought I’d let my family, geek, non-geek friends and visitors to my site in on why this is so cool. For those of you who just happen to come across this site, my name is Jeff Wallace I’m the CTO at MediaNet and have been with MN for 8 years changing and re-shaping how digital music is delivered on the internet. MN embarked on this journey in January 2000 back when Napster was the new household word in internet music and when the music Labels received notice their business was going to change. MediaNet (then MusicNet) was one of a couple responses by the Labels to that notice. MN started as a business-to-business company and is to this day. With our huge music catalog we have served and delivered content to end users for a long list of impressive brands like AOL, Virgin, Yahoo, MTV, HMV, Tesco and Clearwire (list goes on).What I want to share with you is that MN is again changing the way music is sold on the internet. Selling music is no longer limited to an elite list of large companies or music only web stores. Now any person or company can promote and sell digitalmusic. Below is the MediaNet “Song of the Day” Web Component and is one of the web components from the MN Web Component library that is making this change possible. I’m asking you to put the “Song of the Day” on your blog and/or website and give it a try. Congratulations to MediaNet and all the hard work that went into this launch!

Click here for the home page to “Song of the Day.

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